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Today we are going to experience wine country in Erie County. As our very own expert guide will start us on our journey along Millionaire’s Row, then onto Erie’s bay front where our guide will show and tell us about places such as Dobbins Landing, The Flagship Niagara. our new Intermodal Transportation Center and the Cruise Ship Terminal. Then it’s off to the Land Lighthouse where the current Keepers of the lighthouse are sometimes available to recap the story of this historic site. As we travel east along the Seaway Trail our expert guide will help us understand the whys and hows of grapes and wines. Upon entering Free Portwe will disembark the motor coach to review the information panels presented by the Seaway Trail Commission to enlighten visitors as to the importance of the grape industry to the region. After re-boarding the motor coach we will proceed to our first wine tasting and tour at Mazza Winery. On our way back to Erie we will stop one more time for another taste of another wine at another winery, capping off a memorable afternoon along the Seaway Trail with pleasant memories and new found friends. (approx 3hrs)

Mike Picheco 814 440 8147

56 passenger bus
$32.95 per person
(min 35 passengers)

27 passenger trolley
$28.00 per person
(min 20 passengers)

Destination Erie
P.O. Box 126
Erie, Pa 16512


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